British Flower Week (part II)


I must apologise this blog was started last week and then time ran away. I was also having problems downloading the pictures I wanted to include.


17th to 21st June


Well I have really enjoyed this week and being involved in British flower week. The shop looked fabulous full of summer flowers and bees have enjoyed it too. On Monday I took a trip over to Stockport to see a flowery friend that I met at the Flowers for the Farm North West meeting back in March. She was very good and let me cut a few delights from her allotment. I made this pretty brides bouquet as a sample for one of my brides and to put on the website.


The bouquet included cornflowers, camomile, old fashioned stocks, white dianthus, flowering sage, fennel, mint, buttercups and other delightful seasonal flowers.

On Wednesday I travelled down south and was amazed by the wild flowers on the road side verges. They were full of oxeye daisy’s and cow parsley that must have been 7 ft tall.  On Thursday morning I fought the commuters into London and visited The New Covent Garden Flower Market. I have never been and always imagined it to be amazing, full of specialist wholesalers and unusual plant and flower varieties.






The range of British flowers was very encouraging for eco-florists like me.


And to finish……..the breakfast went down a treat!


It was an experience and I’m glad I’ve been, but sometimes fantasy beats reality.


Cheers Nik  


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