Prickly Valentines Gift for my Man

Whilst on a family holiday to Lanzarote we visited the Cactus Gardens. It was a fabulous place and we all enjoyed it, my six year old took some really good pictures (below). To see all the cacti planted side by side was inspirational. I liked all the different geometric shapes of the cacti and succulents, and the textures of the plants, volcanic rock and building materials of the setting. It was a beautiful day and the sun was creating its own shapes, throwing long shadows on the ground. 



Photos by Laurence Wilkinson (aged 6)


Photos by me

My partner got really into it and even bought their book, he said it was for me but I know secretly he wanted it. I told him I’d make him one. That was months ago now! I have finally done it and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Which one should I give him?Image



The planting took a long time they were tricky things to handle. Pick them up with a long piece of folded paper which can be wrapped around the body of the cactus and used to lift them into position. I used charcoal pieces at the bottom of each container to help with drainage. Charcoal also helps prevent the soil from smelling by absorbing the volatiles from the soil. I used specialist cactus compost to ensure the correct mix of sand and soil. Using a sick to compact the soil around each plant is the best method and saves you getting pricked too many times. The fine spines are the worst, they are like little fishing hooks……..awwwww

Designs available for local delivery, order online at

Happy Valentines Day xxx




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